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We take the quality of the product seriously. In fact, we know that an average earthling won’t cut it. We spent endless hours in the lab, understanding the product and selecting the best for you. That’s why whenever you’re consuming anything by Pluto Plants you can tell that our quality and methods are worlds apart.

“Pluto Plants products are made with the highest standards. We want to create a solar system that’s better for the customers and the environment.” ​

The Best Experience on Green Planet

Whether its in-store or online, you can expect an unparalleled experience. Our dedicated Weednauts will help you navigate. After all we understand the experience of purchasing a product should be as enjoyable as consuming it.

Take a ride with Pluto Plants and feel the difference. We commit to providing the best because of our beliefs:

Wondering where to buy edible CBD oil? 

The pleasant cannabis store near Chatham Kent!

We deliver guaranteed products online and in-store.

In the past ars, consumer interest in cannabis, especially cannabidiol, or CBD, has massively increased as an ailment or healer for treating mental health conditions. Cannabis is a remarkable plant that comes in three significant strains, all of which have different benefits. Our team is pioneered with dedicated suppliers in delivering the highest standard products. 

Three vital points for the most satisfactory experience!

  1. We create a solar system that is profitable for the consumers and the environment. 
  2. We safeguard your products, meaning we assure quality delivery.
  3. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we have customer care experts to help them with their queries.


Our Go-green concept

As our weeds are cultivated directly with hands, we deliver every batch as organic and fresh. 

Some facts on Cannabis and Serotonin

Cannabis can be a part of receptors. The receptors in our brain respond to change the way you respond to serotonin. The tiny proteins attached to the cells, which receive messages and respond to different stimuli, are called receptors. Major studies say that CBD oil is used as an antidepressant and antianxiety agent. 

Customer centricity

Customer centricity is our goal. Therefore, Pluto plants mainly focus on creating the best experience, which builds brand loyalty. 

An authorized platform

We choose an authorized way of delivering quality weed products for our customers. 

From where we started?

We are an Ontario based pleasant dope dopamine center stationed in Toronto. We would love to share our hospitality with everyone in this world and beyond. We have our weed store at Chatham Kent, come and experience the real feel!

Our products


Due to its versatility, the cannabis flower is the most popular form. It offers various consumption methods, like smoking with pipe or bong or rolling it on an OCB sheet. A trichrome-covered part of a female cannabis plant, generally used for smoking. Shop our marijuana flower and review the best information on marijuana products.


Pluto plant offers fast-germinating, best quality Cannabis seeds, Marijuana seeds, Weed seeds or whatever you want to call them. We continue our endless search across Canada for good inspiring cannabis genetics. 


Our premium rolling sheets used for rolling weeds are now such a hot item in the secret online deals, primarily available in different sizes for different needs.


Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid derived from hemp. It is a psychoactive and non-intoxicant agent meaning it directly affects mental processes of cognition and mood. Our CBD oil is different from other kinds. We have cannabis in it. Using CBD oil is safe. 

 Consume small doses and slowly work towards higher ones.

Cultivated by Hand

All our supply is carefully cultivated by hand. Thanks to our constant innovation, every batch you get is fresh and organic.

Customer First Approach

You can count on us for counting you as our family. All cannabis aficionados are treated equally at Pluto Plants.

Ontario Based

From Ontario to the world and beyond. We are a proud Ontario based company, stationed in Toronto and want to share our hospitality with everyone.

Here’s our Star Collection

Here’s our Star Collection

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